Project Need:  The New Koliganek Village Council established a new cemetery on the outskirts of town to meet the growing needs of the community. To accommodate all-season access and prevent deterioration of the surrounding tundra, an access road and parking area was needed. Furthermore, the community was in need of an updated Long-Range Transportation Plan and Tribal Transportation Inventory. 

​​Completion Date: 2017​​​

Effectively Building Sustainable Communities

It’s what we do because it’s what we believe. 

​EBSC Engineering performed many essential reviewing, planning, assessing, coordinating, and reporting duties required for each submittal.  Notable contributions include:  

Long-Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Safety Plan

  • Facilitated community planning meetings to develop transportation planning priorities.
  • Assessed community-wide existing transportation/safety system, needs, and deficiencies. 
  • Updated all current and proposed route strip maps and Tribal Transportation Program Inventory.

Preliminary Engineering Report

  • Reviewed and assessed existing geotechnical investigative reports of past in-area project sites and gravel source, saving costs for a new investigations.
  • Designated engineering roadway design element criteria to uphold a high level of safety and sustainability.
  • Provided conceptual construction cost estimates.

Environmental Permitting and Consultation

  • Designated project site drainage basin.
  • ​Received Fish Habitat Permit
  • Received Mining Permit (gravel)
  • Received Wetlands Permit
  • Received Cultural Resource Permit

Cemetery Road & LRTP - Koliganek, AK