Crab Pot & Loud Creek Route Feasibility Study - Akutan, AK

Client: ​Akutan Tribal Council
Completion Date:

​EBSC Engineering:  

  • Prepared conceptual road alignment alternatives for consideration
  • Estimated construction, operation, and maintenance costs
  • Facilitated public meetings
  • Performed a literature review of past local projects and geotechnical investigations
  • Assessed land-use & ownership
  • Presented all necessary environmental permitting & mitigation requirements
  • Provided overall assessment and recommendations 

Project Need:  On Akutan Island, off the Aleutian Chain in Alaska, the growth of local businesses and new transportation development motivated the local Tribe to hire EBSC Engineering to perform an Engineering Feasibility to assess the addition of new routes designed to provide safe land-access, low-cost electrical power, and fresh water supply. 

Loud Creek, located across the bay from Akutan is a potential source of fresh water and hydroelectric power. A Feasibility Study was needed to address the access alternatives, costs, and benefits of constructing an all-season road from the Akutan Harbor to Loud Creek. ​​

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