EBSC Engineering​:

  • Provided concept and development designs, planning, permitting, and construction documents​ for the new building and underground parking. 
  • Planned support during the project's initial design phase to ensure that the project met the stringent requirements of the Downtown Eagle River Overlay District, in addition to the Municipality of Anchorage’s Title 21 Zoning requirements.
  • Coordinated with the Fire Marshal and the design-build team to address fire access issues.
  • Coordinated with the design-build team to keep the project within the owner’s budget and schedule.
  • Introducted an alternative storm water management solution, approved by the Municipality of Anchorage and implemented by the owner, to avoid constructing a costly public storm drain system.

Effectively Building Sustainable Communities

It’s what we do because it’s what we believe. 

Project Need:  Cook Inlet Housing Authority's (CIHA) is dedicated to providing low-cost housing options for Alaska’s growing senior citizen population, as well as low-income and disabled citizens.  Senior housing at CIHA's new Coronado Senior Village in Eagle River, AK, involves a 70,000-square-foot, four-story building, with a basement level parking lot sized for 30-vehicles.

Completion Date: 2014

​Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

Coronado Park Senior Village - CIHA