Our Mission:





We seek to progress Alaska's sustainability through effective communication, collaboration, and implementation.  

Our Values:

Community Relationships  

  • We rely on the power of generational knowledge and experience, and encourage community-wide participation in all planning and design efforts.  
  • We are interested in communicating with you and listening to your ideas.  
  • We put people before profits.

Sustainability and Self-Reliance  

  • We implement environmental sustainability and efficiency in our work.
  • We believe that sustainability begins at home with the practice of self-reliant principles such as: career development, resource management, social and emotional strength, physical exercise, literacy and education, and emergency preparedness.

Culture and Integrity 

  • We uphold integrity, responsibility, and respect in ourselves, our clients, and the Alaska Native Culture.

Effectively Building Sustainable Communities

It’s what we do because it’s what we believe. 

Mission & Values