​EBSC Engineering:  

  • Provided Long Range Transportation Planning, design, permitting, and construction support for the road, subdivision, and housing gravel pads.
  • Addressed environmental permitting and NEPA requirements including: Environmental Assessment, Wetlands Permit, Fish Habitat, and Mining Permit (for local sand/gravel).
  • Assisted with subsequently-funded grant applications.  
  • ​Coordinated with the BIA-Roads, Alaska Region to address all design requirements for Federal Funding. 

Construction Support: Nancy Elrod, P.E. of Elrod Engineering, LLC., remained onsite for the duration of the construction project and provided workforce hiring, training, construction management and administration, record-keeping and reporting. EBSC provided all pre-construction documents, including safety plan, traffic plan, project schedule, erosion control plan, etc.

Cost Effectiveness: ​ The Hughes project was recognized for its overall planning, design, and construction success during the 2014 BIA Provider’s Conference.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget via force account. Remaining funds were used to construct 13 gravel pads for homes within the subdivision. 

​​Project Need:  Severe flooding prompted the community in Hughes, Alaska to build out of the floodplain.  The Moose Loop Road and Subdivision project consisted of transportation planning, design, and development of the new road, subdivison, and multiple building pads.  

Client: Hughes Village Council

Completion Date: 2012

Moose Loop Road & Subdivision - Hughes, AK

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