​EBSC Engineering:  

  • Provided planning, design, permitting, and construction support for the trail improvement.
  • Priced and procured the materials shipped from Seattle to Akutan for the project. 
  • Surveyed the site using a handheld GPS.  The coordinates were later used to create a legal description and right-of-way, thereby saving thousands of dollars otherwise spent on an extra site visit for a survey crew.​


Construction Support: Construction was completed entirely by a local workforce with EBSC's support from Anchorage.  Beach rock was transported with ATVs and placed onto the EZ Roll HDPE Pavers.

Cost Effectiveness: ​The project was completed via force account and at minimal cost using innovative means. Remaining funds were used to support additional Akutan transportation needs.

Effectively Building Sustainable Communities

It’s what we do because it’s what we believe. 

Project Need:  Access to Akutan’s traditional-use area for collecting grass was becoming heavily trampled and damaged by All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).  A solution using EZ-Roll Grass Pavers was developed to inexpensively accommodate both pedestrian and ATV use. 

Client: ​Akutan Tribal Council

Completion Date: 2013

NE Bluff Road - Akutan, AK