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Project Need:   The Channel 2 News Team, of the KTUU-TV network, gathers Alaskan news stories for the largest viewing area in the country. A new office/studio was needed in Anchorage to better accommodate their state-wide audience. The new facility is 40,000-square-feet and contains sound production studios, multiple news rooms, seven satellite antennae, and a 110-foot microwave tower.

Completion Date: 2014
​Delivery Method:  Design-Build

Northern Lights Media Center - KTUU

EBSC Engineering:

  • Provided site designs, planning, permitting, and construction support for the center, tower, antennae, and parking. 
  • Immediately addressed and negotiated relocation requirements for a previously unknown and undocumented buried stormwater drain pipe between the owner and Municipality of Anchorage (MOA). 
  • Provided value engineering support and responded immediately to any arising circumstantial construction changes.
  • Coordinated with owner/design team on all planning and design requirements for pedestrian access, parking, storm drainage, antenna/tower/satellite-dish locations, and fire-access; satisfying MOA code compliance with the interests and budget of the owner.