On Akutan Island, off the Aleutian Chain in Alaska, the growth of local businesses and new transportation development motivated the local Tribe to hire EBSC Engineering to perform an Engineering Feasibility to assess the addition of new routes designed to provide safe land-access, low-cost electrical power, and fresh water supply.

EBSC Engineering provided:

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCCP) 

Updated Facility Response Plan (FRP)

Operations Manual (OM)

Coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard and EPA

Digital Archiving of Required Documents and Site Photographs

Rural Services & Defining Projects

Erosion by the Kugkaktlik River threatened the 245,000 gallon fuel storage facility in Kipnuk, Alaska. In addition, prior modifications created leaking fittings and significant safety concerns at the facility.

EBSC Engineering provided:​​

Plans, Specifications, & Estimates (PS&E) 
Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)​
Environmental Assessment (EA)

Environmental Permitting

​Construction Support

Community Correspondence

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
Indian Roads Reservation (IRR) Inventory and Strip Maps 

EBSC Engineer Provided:

Conceptual Operation & Maintenance Cost Estimates

Conceptual Road Alignment Designs 

Public Planning Meetings

Alternatives Assessment

Land-Use & Ownership Assessment

Environmental Permitting & Mitigation Requirements Assessment

Literature Review of Local Planning and Geotechnical Investigations

Effectively Building Sustainable Communities

It’s what we do because it’s what we believe. 

Severe flooding prompted the community in Hughes, Alaska to build Moose Loop Road and Subdivision out of the floodplain to allow for construction and relocation of homes to the new site.  ​This project consisted of transportation planning, design, and development of the new road, subdivison, and multiple building pads.